Air Wings Watches

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Air Wings was started by Ishaan Bhatia late 2016 after graduating from high school. Whilst working at the local supermarket Ishaan had a dream to start flying planes. He began training at the local flying school and achieved over 100 hours of flying in various sized aircraft, whilst funding his lessons by building Air Wings in his spare time. 

Inspired by his grandfather, a respected businessman in India Ishaan started Air Wings with a dream to also inspire others and help local businesses also achieve what may seem like the impossible. 

Air Wings grew to become an an International watch brand producing various ranges of high quality, minimalistic and elegant watches. The unique range of watches are designed locally in Perth, Western Australia and ideal for pilots, dress watches and casual everyday use. 

Air Wings officially established in September 2016 and released their initial Element range on 24th of April 2017. Since then Air Wings grew to release over 5 ranges of watches, with awareness and recognition from around the globe. 

"With Air Wings continuing to grow year by year i hope to inspire others to also aim to achieve their aviation and business endeavours." - Ishaan Bhatia 2022