Welcome to Air Wings, a passionate watch brand with a captivating journey that began in Perth, Western Australia. In late 2016, after graduating from high school and working at a local supermarket, Ishaan Bhatia embarked on a remarkable adventure fueled by his dream of flying planes.

Driven by his passion, Ishaan enrolled in training at a nearby flying school, amassing over 100 hours of flight time in aircraft of various sizes. To fund his lessons, he dedicated his spare time to building Air Wings, a brand that would soon take flight.

Inspired by his grandfather, a respected businessman in India, Ishaan established Air Wings with a vision to inspire others and assist local businesses in achieving the seemingly impossible. Guided by the principles instilled by his grandfather, Air Wings blossomed into an international watch brand renowned for its high quality, minimalistic, and elegant timepieces.

Designed locally in Perth, Western Australia, our unique range of watches caters to pilots, dress watch enthusiasts, and those seeking a touch of sophistication in their everyday lives. Each timepiece carries the essence of our dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Since its official establishment in September 2016, Air Wings has flourished, releasing its inaugural Element range on April 24th, 2017. With unwavering commitment, we have continued to introduce over 5 ranges of watches, earning global awareness and recognition.

As Air Wings continues to soar year after year, we strive to inspire others to pursue their aviation and business aspirations. Our mission remains steadfast: to create exceptional timepieces that transcend expectations and leave a lasting impression.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we navigate the skies of ambition, guided by the words of Ishaan Bhatia himself: "With Air Wings continuing to grow year by year, I hope to inspire others to also aim to achieve their aviation and business endeavors." - Ishaan Bhatia, 2022.